Crochet Garland

Hand-made crochet garland. Looks stunning hanging from your mantelpiece, window or in the garden to brighten up your party!

Approximately 125cm long. Large disc 6cm, smaller disc 3.5cm.By Wani Design

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Techniques used in our decorations category include crochet, embellishment, hand and machine embroidery.

FRIENDSHIP TAG is made with hessian and can be personalized with initials on the front and the full name stamped on calico at the back. The initial is in reverse applique and chain stiched all around. The strap is a handmade friendship band, with a button and loop fastening.

It can be used as a gift tag, door charm or a place setting for that special dinner party which your guests can take home as a keepsake. Use it whichever way you like.